About the Board of Governors

The Council of Governors is the governing body of the multiple district and, as defined below, provides administrative support for the multiple district and is subject to the International Constitution and Board Policy.

As noted in the International Constitution and By-Laws, Article VIII, District Organization, The Council of Governors is defined as follows:

The governors of districts, except as herein provided, shall in each multiple district, constitute a Council of Governors. The Council of Governors shall also include one current or past district governor who shall serve as council chairperson and, at the option of the Multiple District Constitution and By-laws, may include one or more immediate past district governor provided that the total number of past district governors, including the council chairperson, shall not exceed one-half (1/2) the number of district governors. Each member of the Council of Governors, including the council chairperson, shall have one (1) vote on each question requiring action of the council of governors. A Council of Governors may also include past and present international presidents, international vice-presidents, and past and present international directors of the association as advisory, but non-voting members. The council chairperson, selected or elected according to the respective multiple district constitution and by-laws, shall be a current or past district governor when he/she takes office. The council chairperson shall serve for a one year term only and cannot serve in that capacity again.

Subject to the provisions of the Constitution and the By-Laws, and the Board Policy of the International Board of Directors, each Council of Governors shall supervise the administration of all multiple district affairs, and may choose such officers, hold such meetings, administer such funds, authorize such expenditures and exercise such other administrative powers as are provided in its respective multiple district constitution.

Responsibilities of the Council of Governors as noted in the Article VI of the Standard Form Multiple District Constitution:

  1. Have jurisdiction and control over all officers and agents, when acting as such, of the Council of Governors and all committees of the multiple district and multiple district convention;
  2. Have management and control over the property, business and funds of the multiple district;
  3. Have jurisdiction, control and supervision over all phases of the multiple district convention and all other meetings of the multiple district;
  4. Have original jurisdiction, when authorized under policy of the International board of directors and under rules of procedure prescribed by said board, to hear and rule upon any complaint of a constitutional nature raised by any sub- district or districts, and Lions club, or any member of a Lions club, in the multiple district. All such rulings of the Council of Governors shall be subject to review and decision by the International Board of Directors;
  5. Have control and management of all budgetary matters of the multiple district and committees of the multiple district and multiple district convention. No obligation may be approved or made which shall affect an unbalanced budget or deficit in any fiscal year.

Additional responsibilities of the Council of Governors as noted in article III of the Standard Form Multiple District By-Laws:
The Council of Governors shall:

  1. Make all contracts and approve all bills relating to multiple district convention administrative expenses;
  2. Designate a depository for multiple district funds;
  3. Determine the amount of surety bond for the council secretary-treasurer, and approve the surety company issuing said bond;
  4. Receive financial reports, semi-annually or more frequently, from the council secretary-treasurer, and provide for a review or audit at the end of the fiscal year of the books and accounts of the council secretary- treasurer.

Your Multiple District Constitution and By-laws should specify the officers of the council, which usually include the council chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a secretary and treasurer and other officers as the council of governors deem necessary. In general, these officers are elected annually by the council of governors. However, in some cases the council chairperson is elected by delegates during a multiple district convention.

The International Constitution provides a process for removing a Council Chair. At the request of the majority of the Council of Governors, a Special Meeting of the Council may be called for the purpose of removal of the Council Chairperson. Regardless of the manner in which the Council Chairperson is elected or selected, the Council Chairperson may be removed from the Council for cause by an affirmative vote of 2/3 of the entire number of the Council of Governors.


It is required that the selected council chairperson be a current or past district governor when he/she takes office.

The following can be found in Article III of the Standard Multiple District By-laws are as follows:

The multiple district council chairperson shall be the administrative facilitator of the multiple district. All actions are subject to the authority, direction and supervision of the multiple district Council of Governors. In cooperation with the Council of Governors, the council Chairperson shall,

  1. Further the Purposes of this association;
  2. Assist in communicating information regarding international and multiple district policies, programs and events;
  3. Document and make available the goals and long range plans for the multiple district as established by the Council of Governors;
  4. Convene meetings and facilitate discussion during council meetings;
  5. Facilitate the operations of the multiple district convention;
  6. Support efforts initiated by the International Board of Directors or the Council of Governor that are intended to create and foster harmony and unity among district governors;
  7. Submit reports and perform such duties as may be required by the multiple district constitution and by-laws;
  8. Perform such other administrative duties as may be assigned by the multiple district council of governors; and
  9. Facilitate, at the close of his/her term of office, the timely presentation of all multiple district accounts, funds, and records to his/her successor in office.

Under the supervision and direction of the Council of Governors, the council secretary- treasurer shall:

  1. Keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Council of Governors, and within ten (10) days after each meeting forward copies to all members of the Council of Governors, and the office of Lions Clubs International;
  2. Assist the Council of Governors in conducting the business of the district, and perform such other duties as are specified or implied in the constitution and by-laws, or as may be assigned to him/her from time to time by the Council of Governors;
  3. Receive and give proper receipts for all dues and taxes required to be paid over to him/her by the sub-district cabinet secretary-treasurers, deposit the same in a bank or banks designated by the Council of Governors, and disburse the same under the supervision and control of the Council of Governors by checks drawn against said deposits signed by himself/ herself, and countersigned by the council chairperson or other duly authorized council member;
  4. Keep accurate books and records of accounts and minutes of all Council of Governors and multiple district meetings, and permit inspection of the same by any member of the Council of Governors or any club in the multiple district (or any duly authorized agent of either) at any reasonable time for any proper purpose;
  5. Secure bond for the faithful performance of his/her duties in such sum and with such sureties as may be required by the Council of Governors.
  6. Deliver, in a timely manner, at the conclusion of his/her term in office, the general and/or financial accounts, funds and records of the multiple district to his/her successor in office;
  7. In the event that separate offices of council secretary and council treasurer are adopted the duties herein are to be attributed to each of the officers according to the nature of the duties.

Additional information concerning committee appointments, multiple district convention procedures, multiple district dispute resolution procedures and endorsement policies and explained in more detail in the Standard Form Multiple District Constitution and Bylaws.

The Council of Governors has the authority to revise the Multiple District Constitution and By-laws in accordance with the relevant amendment procedures as outlined in the Multiple District’s Constitution and By-laws. In cases when no provision exists in the current Multiple District’s Constitution and By-Laws, the Standard Form Multiple District Constitution and Bylaws would prevail.