About Us

History records almost 100 years the Lions have served in various countries regardless of ethnicity, religion, race and social status. More than 1.39 million members spread across 210 countries around the world, including Indonesia.

Currently, in Indonesia there are 4 District, one of which is Multiple District 307 which covers an area of Special Region of Aceh to Papua. Lions Clubs International Multiple District 307 Indonesia now has 254 Clubs and 7425 Members, who has a soul and a spirit of service in accordance with the motto of Lions Clubs “WE SERVE”

“PASSION To SERVE”, became the motto of Lions Clubs International Multiple District 307 Indonesia which has the meaning of togetherness and cohesiveness that will bring us grow, providing a beam of hope for people in need, do not just think that you can, but believe that you are indeed be in line with the motto of Lions Clubs International President Joe Preston



Konvensi Nasional Tahunan ke 41 LCI MD307 , Pontianak 11-13 Mei 2017

Dear Fellow Lions, Konvensi Tahunan MD307 ke 41 akan diadakan di kota Pontianak Kalimantan Barat pada tgl. 11-13 Mei 2017. Untuk itu marilah kita bersama sama hadir dikota Pontianak sekaligus menggunakan hak suara kita sambil berfellowship dengan seluruh Fellow Lions dari Indonesia dan berwisata di kota Khatulistiwa yang indah . Biaya peserta konvensi : * Early Bird S/d 17 Jan 2017 Rp. 1.1 juta. * 18 Jan s/d 17 April 2017 Rp. 1.3 juta * 18 April s/d 11 Mei 2017Rp. 1.5 juta. Dapat ditransfer ke no. Rek *BCA cabang Pontianak 029 221 4748 A/N Tri Renya Altaria. Mohon cantumkan pada berita transfer Nama Klub/Distrik/Jumlah peserta Cara registrasi : info.konvensi2017pontianak.com