Forms and Resources

Multiple District Officers Reporting Form

Each council chairperson receives the Multiple District Officers Reporting Form (DA-901) and is requested to submit the completed report form to the English Language Department immediately after the annual multiple district convention or meeting to appoint the council chairperson.. Council chairpersons will use this form to provide contact information and biographical information for themselves and their companions as well as contact information for the council secretary and treasurer. A copy of Form DA-901 is included at the end of this manual.

Multiple District Chairperson Report Form

The council chairperson also reports the names and addresses of each multiple district committee chairperson through the password-protected membership site, My LCI, or by completing and submitting the Multiple District Chairperson Report Form (MC-10) to the English Language Department. The following multiple district chairpersons are officially approved and recommended and are to be submitted on the form:

  • Convention
  • Diabetes Awareness and Action
  • Hearing Preservation, Awareness and Action
  • Information Technology
  • International Relations
  • Lions ALERT
  • Lions Services for Children
  • Protocol
  • Public Relations and Lions Information
  • Sight Preservation, Awareness and Action
  • Youth (Lions Opportunities for Youth)

Separate forms will be provided when appropriate for Leo Club (3 year), Lions Quest (3 year), and Youth Camp and Exchange Chairpersons, and for GMT and GLT coordinators (3 year).

Membership, Officer and Service Activity Reporting web site

Council chairpersons and other multiple district officers are encouraged to use the resources available via our membership, officer and service activity reporting web site, which is in the process of being updated. The new web site is called, MyLCI.
Council chairpersons will find the web site useful in reviewing and updating multiple district officers and chairpersons; reviewing and updating the multiple district convention date, location, etc.; viewing reports and downloading membership, chairperson, officer and service activity data at the multiple district level.
At the district level –
Council chairpersons may review district officers and chairpersons; review district convention dates, locations, etc.; view reports and download membership, officer, and chairperson information and service activity data.
At the club level – Council chairpersons may review club officers, club membership information and club meeting information. Council chairpersons may also view reports and download membership and service activity data.

There are four basic features of MyLCI, one of which is the role based functionality, which allows users to access different menu options based on their assigned role in the association. Another feature is context sensitive help, which provides quick access to answers to questions relevant to the specific content page the user is on. MyLCI provides two search features, Quick Searches that are predefined searches pertaining to the current year, and Advanced Searches that can be used to view data from previous years. For district officers and the council chairperson MyLCI offers navigation features that provide the opportunity to view information at a high level and to also drill down to more detailed information.
To access click on the “MyLCI” link at the top of the association’s main page. If you previously had a username and password for WMMR, you will use this same login information. If you are a new officer, you will need to create your username and password by clicking the “New User? Click here to register now” link and following the screen prompts.

District Health Assessment

The District Health Assessment is a useful report sent to all council chairpersons each month. The report includes statistical information for each sub-district in the multiple including:
• Clubs: total, new, cancelled, net gain
• Members: total, add, drop, net growth
• Average members per club
• Percentage of clubs submitting reports
• Percentage of clubs with balance due over 90 days
• Number of status quo clubs
• Cancellation data

In addition to the District Health Assessment, council chairpersons are copied on the monthly club health assessments for each district which provides similar information by club.

Council chairpersons are encouraged to review the information in each report as they support the districts throughout the year.

Continuing your participation as a Lions leader

When your term as council chairperson ends, there is still much you can do to benefit your multiple district and the association. Your home club, district, or multiple district may ask you to serve in a capacity most fitting to your knowledge and expertise. Your time, effort and enthusiasm will always be needed to help further the cause of the association.



Vice-council chairperson
Election/selection of the vice-council chairperson is at the discretion of the multiple district council of governors, unless otherwise indicated in the multiple district by-laws. Since the vice council chairperson is optional, it is not an official LCI position.
When the position is implemented, the vice-council chairperson assists the council chairperson in fulfilling his/her duties as well as representing the council chairperson in his/her absence.
Council secretary-treasurer

According to the Standard Form Multiple District By-Laws, the council secretary-treasurer is under the supervision and direction of the council and shall:

  • Keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the council, and within ten (10) days after each meeting forward copies thereof to all members of the council and the office of Lions Clubs International
  • Assist the council in conducting the business of the multiple district and perform such other duties as are specified or implied in the constitution and by-laws, or as may be assigned to him/her from time to time by the council
  • Receive and give proper receipts for all member dues required to be paid to the council secretary-treasurer by the sub-district cabinet secretary-treasurers, deposit the same in a bank or banks designated by the council, and disburse the same under the supervision and control of the council by checks drawn against said deposits signed by himself/herself and counter-signed by the council chairperson or other duly authorized council member
  • Keep accurate books and records of account and minutes of all council and multiple district meetings, and permit inspection of the same by any member of the council or any club in the multiple district (or any duly authorized agent of either) at any reasonable time for any proper purpose
  • Secure bond for the faithful performance of his/her duties in such sum and with such sureties as may be required by the council
  • Deliver the general and/or financial accounts, funds, and records to his/her successor at the conclusion of his/her term of office