Global Membership Team and Global Leadership Team







Overview Global Membership Team (GMT) provides a global structure for continuous membership development, focus, and integrated.

Global Leadership Team (GLT) provides for an increased focus on leadership development, which is critical to the future vitality of our relationship. The GLT directing efforts toward identifying and cultivating effective leaders through leadership development training initiatives and active, while providing the necessary information, guidance and motivation.

GMT and GLT members work together to identify, develop and encourage opportunities for leaders Lions present and future, and to develop membership through service and involvement. The structure of the two structures are connected and coordinated at the international level by the executive board. The GMT / GLT Executive Council headed by the international president of LCI, with international first and second vice presidents oversee and provide guidance to the GMT and GLT respectively.

Both GMT and GLT further supported by the international coordinator and joint operating committee composed of the chairman of the Membership Development Committee, Leadership Committee and Club Services Committee and the Board of Directors of the International District, and the leaders of the respective constitutional.
Both teams composed of Lions leaders appointed to serve a particular area or regional constitutional. Team members are appointed for a term of three years to allow adequate analysis of regional needs and the development and implementation of appropriate programs. All members are subject to annual review and confirmation of the appointment or removal based on performance.

  • Constitution Leader Location: Up to 11 leaders of the constitutional area for each team, including one for the African continent, up to two for the United States, and up to three for OSEAL given the large size and unique needs of these areas. GLT and GMT have the same number of the leaders assigned to the same region, allowing for coordination and collaboration for maximum impact. In certain areas, the lion who qualify can function both as a representative of the GLT and GMT. Constitution of local leaders appointed by the international president, in consultation with the first and second vice presidents and regional leadership.
  • Leader Location: About 36 local leaders around the world for each team, with both GMT and GLT have the same number of local leaders are assigned to the same area as the structure of their partners. In certain areas, the lion who qualify can function both as a representative of the GLT and GMT. Advisory particular area can be added to support the efforts of the leadership in remote geographical areas or unique. Local leaders representing both GLT and GMT interact continuously to effectively meet the needs of the region. Local leaders appointed by the international president, in consultation with the first and second vice president and leader of the constitutional area.
  • Some District: Each district has some good GMT and GMT, each consisting of several district coordinator, chairman of the board, and membership and leadership development additional minded Lions (maximum 3 for each team). GMT and GLT some district coordinators and other team members appointed by the board of governors, in consultation with the leaders of the territory GMT and GLT and chairman of the board. Some districts are assigned to the GMT / GLT or special area comprising less than 2 some districts do not have double the district coordinators GLT. In this case, the leader of GLT area or region of each special adviser will fulfill responsibilities related in some district level.
  • District: Each district has both GMT and GMT. GMT-D led by the district coordinator and a team of district governor and including two focused action teams: Team Membership and Club Growth and Success Club Team. The GLT-D consists of a district coordinator and a team of the district governor, the deputy governor of the second district serves as a liaison to the DG team. Other qualified Lions may be added as needed. GMT and GLT regional coordinators and other team members appointed by the governor of the district, in consultation with local leaders, some regional coordinators (if any) and deputy district governor first and second.

Detailed information on both teams can be accessed on the Lions Clubs International Web site,