International Headquarters


International Headquarters can be accessed by all clubs. The staff at the central office is ready to help the Lions with their search for information, supplies or answers to their questions. Clubs can visit the Lions Clubs International Web site,

The website is an important tool for club and district officers. There are hundreds of pages of information on the site, which is organized in a format that is easy-to-follow. New items are added every month, and persistently pursued innovation.

The following description of each division in the international headquarters can also enable clubs and members to contact the correct division. General telephone number for the International Headquarters is (630) 571- 5466.

Supplies and Distribution Division clubs
Coordinates inventory, marketing and distribution supply clubs around the world. Manages worldwide licensing program. Coordinates assistance to other departments that purchase, inventory, promote, ship and bill of materials Lions clubs around the world.

Division Convention
Develop, manage and coordinate all the logistics and main activities related to international conventions, seminars DGE, and the International Council of Directors meeting.

District and Club Administration Division
Assist the district administration and clubs around the world. Providing language services in the official language of the association. Issues Team and Club District Governor Excellence Awards and support development by providing the club with club programs and Guiding Lions Club Rebuilding Awards.

Extension and Membership Division
Car clubs and membership growth through the development, implementation and execution of strategies to promote the formation of new clubs, membership growth and retention initiatives.

Division of Finance
Set the resource association, ie, people and money. Directs the implementation of the association’s financial policies, including banking, transfer of funds, general accounting functions, accounting and investment costs.

Division of Information Technology
Providing technology services that include technology infrastructure, membership and financial systems, business intelligence systems for reporting, including MyLCI site member services, communications systems, document management systems, clubs, officials and members of data administration, district and international conventions support and technical support to staff and members.

Division leadership
Design, develop, implement and evaluate leadership development programs, seminars, and conferences, some districts, district and international clubs. Providing online learning opportunities (Leadership Resource Center: center / leadership development / index.php) and curriculum tools and resources for local use. Support and cooperate with the Global Leadership Team (GLT) to identify and meet the training and development needs of the Lions’ all over the world.

Legal Division
Keeping global insurance programs and risk management and litigation associates worldwide trademark registration,. In addition, the Legal Division provides guidance and advice to Lions association constitution and by-laws and board policies, including elections, director of international support question, dispute resolution and constitutional complaints.

Lions Clubs International Foundation

Managing the Foundation, including promotion, fund raising, investment management, grant implementation and liaison with supervisors and board of directors. The Foundation also manages a grant emergency, SightFirst program, Lions Quest programs and humanitarian grants programs, in addition to process donations and provide recognition.

Public Relations and Communications Division
Coordinates and integrates communications program includes public relations, internal and external communications, social media, e-Districthouse and e-Clubhouse, and LION Magazine. Provides editorial support and services for all association information bulletins, guides, program manuals and audiovisual materials.
Responsible for the overall production and manufacturing phases English and Spanish editions of LION Magazine and all of the published literature comes from the association.

activity Division
Develop resources and help the Lions carry out service activities and projects in the following key areas: Community Service, Disaster Preparedness and Relief, Environmental Services, Health and Fitness (including Sight, Hearing and Diabetes), International Relations, Lions Opportunities for Youth (including club Leo), and Lions Services for children. Provide a tool for participation in the Global Action Service Lion Campaign, Action Reading Program, Medical and Humanitarian Aid Mission and special services initiatives. Using data received via the online Lions Service Activity Report to assess the impact of the work the Lions’ and monitor trends of global services to further enhance the LCI program and resources. Department of Government Relations and Partnerships division manages and supports LCI relations with the United States and governmental and non-governmental entities / international agencies in an effort to build and strengthen alliances and improve visibility among key policy makers and government agencies around the world.